What to do


1. Call us or email us,   our contacts are at the bottom of each page


2. Send your deposit.   $1200 per person, nonrefundable. Check payable to Pat Kane.


3. This year, travel insurance is covered.   this is your means of gaining an emergency refund


West o'Clare  Ireland Tours, Frequently Asked Questions,

1. What to bring?       PASSPORT (current,) CREDIT/DEBIT CARD,  a little CASH. There are ATMs all over

     Ireland, use your card. About $500 extra spending. Know your PIN#. Call your bank & credit card company!


2. How much luggage?             1 Semi-large case, and 1 carry on per person. Handbags don’t count. Put metal objects

    in large case (50 lbs, 60 inches, add width, height, depth.) Pack LIGHT. Pack no more than you can LIFT & CARRY. 


3. What to wear?  Casual clothing, like “school clothes.” Comfortable shoes, pack a lightweight jacket and sweater,

    and something waterproof. “Dress for fall.” Dress in layers if chilly. No formal wear required anywhere.


4. How’s the weather?           Moderate, 55-70 F. Not as rainy as feared (knock wood.)  Cooler in summer, a bit warmer

    in winter than here. Light late in evening in summer, dark early in fall and winter. In Italy, expect 45-60 F.


5. What kind of places do we stay?    Nice hotels, all rooms have private bath, elevators, and hair dryers. Careful

    stepping out of the shower! Bring washcloth. Bring electric CONVERTERS for chargers, etc.


6. How’s the food?  Great! Full, interesting meals with variety and taste to rival “the continent.”  Breakfast &

    dinner included every day, lunch on your own. In Italy, the foods & wines may be the highlight of the tour.


7. Currency exchange?            About $1.10 buys one Euro. About $1.50 buys one Pound Sterling in the North. Subject to

    change. The best rate of exchange comes with credit card use. Don’t bother changing money here.


8. What if I take medication? Bring it, please, and take it, please! In original bottle, if possible, or bring Rx copy.


9. What about trip insurance?          This year, we are including travel insurance in your fee. It has become a necessary              convenience.


10. What kind of transport will we have?  Comfortable tour coach; we will not exceed 2 hours without a break.

      Excellent driver/guides, we will collect for their tips (appr 5euro/day pp,) all other gratuities included.


11. How’s the shopping?  Great! There’s plenty, nearly everywhere we stop. Remember that it takes as long to

      stand in line to pay, as it took to browse. Use your credit card for best exchange, have items shipped if possible.


12. What is the VAT? Value Added Tax. Usually we are charged it automatically. When shopping, always ask for

      the Tax Back slip or card, and save your receipts. You can get tax back on your card, at the airport. 


13. What is the Customs Card?  On the flight each way, you will be given a card to fill out, which helps them get

      you through customs more quickly. When they ask your address in Ireland, just write “Touring.”


14. What if I drive in Ireland?             Easiest to rent in advance, online, from Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, and others.


15. What airlines & airports do we use?  We fly from Newark or JFK, on Continental or Aer Lingus. Both airlines

      are modern and comfortable, transport to and from airport is included in trip fee, from our region. If you need to fly to       meet us at the airport, we can refund $100 pp from your total fee.


16. Is there much walking on the tour?  As much or as little as you wish, but that may mean you miss some of the

      sights. It’s good if you can walk up & down a flight of stairs, and if you can walk around your block. Start now.


17. Are there websites we can visit before leaving?  Try these: www.heritageireland.ie  (historical sites)

      www.discoverireland.com  (tourism) www.xe.com  (currency)  www.met.ie  (weather.)


18. Are there books or movies we can try before leaving?  Read Leon Uris's Trinity, or Thomas Cahill's

      How the Irish Saved Civilization.  Watch "Waking Ned Devine" or "Michael Collins," or “The Quiet Man.”


Call us now to book a vacation of a lifetime:   607-738-6877

Photography by AJ Cass, Kane Giblin and fellow travellers. Visit www.cassphotography.com      

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