These are just random hints that have occurred to us, and our guests, over the years.

We hope you find them helpful...

FIRST, BRING YOUR PASSPORT  and credit card, and know your PIN


1. Buy a new toothbrush & protector for every trip. Throw away the old one, and the possible germs from the last trip. Bring a watch, and your

phone. Call your phone company for an overseas plan, and


are travelling.

2. Pack light, but pack a nice toiletry kit. Here's what I see in mine: 

one comb, nail clippers, tweezers, lip balm, small sewing kit,

travel size of Pantene shampoo & conditioner, 2 band-aids,

travel size of Q-tips, cortizone skin cream, Secret solid

deodorant, Arm & Hammer Peroxicare toothpaste,

new toothbrush & protector, 1 small spray bottle of toilet air freshener!

All of it fits in a pretty small kit.

3. If you travel during our home summer, go someplace a little bit cooler. Don't go someplace hotter! If you travel during our cool seasons, go someplace a little bit warmer. For instance, Italy and Florida are hot, sticky, and crowded in the summer; go to Keuka Lake instead. Go to Northern Europe or Canada or Alaska. 


4. Plan to stay at least 2 nights, 3 is better, in each location. Take day trips and come back to that "home base." Then move on to another locus point. This gives you a chance to feel more at home, leave your things in the room without packing and repacking daily. This gives you a chance to take a day away from a group, sleep in, do laundry, or read a book. It also helps you to get to know that place better, and the people you meet there.

5. You can do it! Pack light! Just pack a small carry-on case,

and one shoulder bag. This applies no matter how long your

trip may be. Don't be afraid to do laundry on the way. This

saves you a lot of lifting and lugging at airports,

train stations, the hotels, and in between. It also saves your

drivers and porters unnecessary strain.

6. I can pack for 14 days in this small case. Fresh socks and

fresh underwear for every day, including undershirts. 

Don't forget you are wearing the first set of clothes! 

Roll everything as tight as you can, it will come out less

wrinkled than if you folded it.

7. Remember, you are not travelling for fashion! You are travelling for fun, ease, and speed. I am packing some of my favorite casual clothes. I am going to look as good, or better, than I usually do at home. Small comfort, for some of you, I suppose. I have now packed my toiletry kit, some exercise shorts, a swim suit, and several exercise t-shirts. Maybe most important, I have also packed 2 pair of twill cargo pants. This will let me carry a money clip, my passport, etc, in button-down pockets.

8. As for looking presentable, I will now tightly roll and pack these button-down casual shirts, some long, some short sleeved. One dress shirt, one tie, though not necessary. About 8 button-down shirts, altogether. Rolled tightly and packed the right direction, they all fit. I put the case on a hard surface, kneel on it for a few minutes, and zip it up!

9. Please note that I have put a dryer sheet inside the mesh area, and I have included a plastic bag for dirty clothes. I put any items that smell into the bag, on top of the clean clothes when I repack during the trip. Any clothing that might be worn again, I re-roll and put on top of the plastic bag. Take your time, kneel or sit on the case for a little while, it will comply, I'm sure!

10. So, voila! Here is the finished product. One bag

that I can carry on the plane, or check if I wish. 

One shoulder bag that will fit under the seat. This 

contains mostly my computer and files for the trip,

which you will not need! One light weatherproof 

jacket and a cap will fit into the shoulder bag.

Then, if I check the case, I can carry my fiddle on board!

Bon voyage!

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